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Grain Technology
Our grain plants form the physical base for our technological development of the business. Special focus is laid on the value-add of product quality increase, the protection of quality and the creation of marketable by-products.
Raw Bright has experienced phenomenal growth since 1994, as premium supplier of raw materials and nutritions worldwide with large numbers of raw material suppliers in Europe, North and South America with superb results, with a good market share.
Complete Plants
In case you are envisioning or planning a new plant und are not sure how to plan the technical side, – civil structures, infrastructure and electro planning – we are happy to assist, also with the construction. RAWBRIGHT® International has numerous experiences planning and realizing turn key plants, including project controlling & reporting.
Mobile plants are super flexible solutions, which are ideal for servicing smaller independent farms. There are several models to suit capacity and processing needs.
RAWBRIGHT® International offers premium quality industrial dryers for the dairy, starch and food industries. Our reference list represents a broad number of installed plants. We offers you a collaboration with an experienced team consisting of our process- and design engineers, project managers and skilled installers.
Starch Processing Solutions
The quality and value of the final starch product are largely determined by the washing of the crude starch. White high-quality starch can be obtained only if fibre fragments, lipids, proteins and dissolved substances are washed out efficiently. Process steps in this stage are a multi-stage washing process, fine fibre separation and starch recovery from the wash water.
IQF (Individual Quick Frozen)
The IQF industry is key for RAWBRIGHT and innovative solutions have been developed over the years to cater to the needs of this industry, particularly in terms of sanitary design and wash-down execution.

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we are your one-stop solutions provider. We are able to share our experience on a wide selection of products and give you useful suggestions for most suitable choice. Our Equipment are made from precision casting technology and strict quality control, thus ensuring long time service life.

Intergrated Processes

We have an expert team of technicians who are responsible for the delivery, assembling and installation. They can provide you professional and patient guidance to operate the machine in a safe way. This personal service from design to installation is one of the points that make us outstanding

Technology Provider

Entering a new market or bringing new products to the market opens a world of opportunities – and challenges such as investment, innovation, network, partnership, capital, and expertise.Your full in-house technology provider.

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RawBright “ One-Stop Solution Provider ” is about delivering the right solution, optimizing productivity, developing efficiency & improving the profitability of our customers. We are committed to supporting our customers in achieving a healthy, profitable and sustainable future. We aim to be progressive and consistent in our approach, looking at ways of improving customer service, efficiency, product quality and price competitiveness ensuring we always put our customers first.


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  • Raw Bright serves the global food chain and feed industry and production by offering manufacturers latest technologies processing lines and reliably sourced inputs, grains, feed stuffs, vitamins,Fertilizers, minerals, Fruits and Vegetables to ensure One-Stop Solution Provider commitment.

We operates all over the Middle East and Africa both as a turnkey-supplier and a contractor for individual processing lines and in other ways within contracting cooperation. We aim to find the best solutions together with our customers. Projects are developed individually and designed to meet both current and future demands.

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